BHRT for Men: Guys Have Hormones Too!

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BHRT for Men: Guys Have Hormones Too!Talking about hormones can make some men feel uncomfortable. After all, isn't this what women talk about? Well, it turns out that men have hormones too, and for the record, they also get imbalanced with age.  Go figure. Times have changed and now men are not only talking about their hormones, but they're balancing them too. And there is nothing wrong or "demasculinizing" about it at all. Countless men can attest to the benefits of hormone restoration. So we hope to make you not only feel more comfortable with the topic but open to the idea.

Men Go Through Hormonal Changes Too

Yes, guys, you may not get the hot flashes but your hormones do change with time. Chances are, if you're 50 you don't have the hormone levels of a 30-something-year-old man. The truth is hormone production starts declining each decade after your 20s. By the time you're in your 70s, you're only producing a fraction of the hormones you made in your youth. Those changes you've been noticing (lack of energy, belly fat, loss of muscle mass, and mood changes) are not coincidental. These changes are most likely associated with your hormones changing. And even your high cholesterol levels can be due to hormonal imbalances. Our hormones do a lot more than we give them credit for. And in order to look and feel your best, they need to be balanced.

Balancing Testosterone May Reduce Your Risk of Disease

Testosterone isn't just for beefy muscles, good looks, or a booming sex drive. It keeps men healthy. A lack of sex hormones can actually increase a man's risk for chronic disease. Studies link low testosterone levels to diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and even prostate cancer.1-4 So the question of hormone restoration isn't just about feeling good; it's also about protecting your health.

Men Feel Younger with Balanced Hormones

Hormones truly are the fountain of youth. Some of the changes you noticed with age may improve or even reverse with hormone restoration. Not surprisingly, by balancing your hormones you may actually feel younger again. Interested in balancing your hormones? The first step is contacting a physician who is familiar with bioidentical hormone restoration therapy. Here in our Forever Health network, you'll find a team of qualified physicians that can help get you started.


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