Chronic Disease

Chronic Disease

It’s time to take action against environmental toxins and the long-term serious side effects they cause. Learn how to protect yourself and discover A NEW WAY TO AGE. The World Health Organization warns us that chronic disease is reaching epidemic levels worldwide, and that our continual contact to toxins may be a contributing factor. Our environment is filled with toxic elements such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. They’re in our fabric softeners and hair dyes, in our plastic bags, in our toothpaste, in dust, in our foods, in our drinking water, and even in the air that we breathe.

The Dangers of Molds & Pesticides

Recently we’ve been alerted to the danger of mold, found in our homes, schools, and office environments. The longer we’re exposed, the more we could be at risk. Molds may stimulate allergies, be carcinogenic, suppress our immune system, and create toxicity in our liver, kidneys, and nervous system. Pesticides are also cause for worry. Think about it: pesticides are manufactured and spread specifically to be toxic and human beings are not immune to their often harmful effects. Pesticides could be linked to cancers, and are thought to cause immune, neurological, endocrine, developmental, reproductive, and respiratory disorders. All these toxins everywhere, every day, building up ... people are often shocked to learn that their pain and symptoms may be linked to these toxic substances. Common chronic conditions believed to be affected by toxins include autism, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity and neurocognitive disorders, as well as immune dysfunction such as autoimmune disease and cancer.

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Fortunately, there’s a powerful way to help protect yourself from toxins, reduce your risk of chronic disease, and get back to a healthy life. It all starts with the right practitioner, who is knowledgeable and experienced in environmental medicine, detoxification, and chronic disease. You’ll want a practitioner who will provide guidance and expert care, enabling you to be proactive in the healing process. Just like the practitioners you’ll find in the Forever Health Network. Forever Health makes it possible for prospective patients like you to connect with many qualified practitioners who specialize in environmental medicine and optimal health. Like us, they passionately believe that everyone deserves access to integrative medicine, which includes BHRT, environmental medicine, vitamins, supplements, and cutting-edge, quality-of-life treatment. Finding a practitioner in your area through the Forever Health Practitioner Network is free of charge. And it starts right here!

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